Back to Basics: Snack Attack

With school starting back up this month, we are taking a few weeks to get back to the basics and help you get back into your normal routine so that you and your children can thrive. This week we’re focusing on which school lunches, snacks, and drinks are best for your child’s smile! Check out these three tips:

Healthy Lunch and Snack Options
We know it isn’t possible to control everything your child eats and drinks while they’re at school, but we hope you’ll be mindful of the snacks you send to school with your child. We encourage you to avoid sending snacks that are loaded with carbohydrates, such as Goldfish, graham crackers, and chips. These carbohydrates can sit on your child’s teeth for hours and lead to tooth decay. Obviously, kids love their carbohydrate-heavy snacks, and they can be alright in moderation, but we encourage you to choose alternatives like carrots, celery, or apples. 

Along with carbohydrates, we encourage you to look out for fruit snacks and gummies in your child’s snacking routine. We know these are a great option for a quick snack, but it’s important to floss after eating them, as the gummies will end up stuck between the teeth and are a huge cause of tooth decay in children. 

Best Drink Options
While food can have a significant impact on your child’s oral health, we shouldn’t overlook the impacts of the beverages they consume. We always recommend water as the number one drink option, as it hydrates and offers several benefits for oral health and hygiene. But what about other popular drink options?

We know kids love their juice boxes, milk, and Gatorade, and why shouldn’t they? We think these are great drink options, but should be offered with supervision. The sugars in these drinks can lead to tooth decay, so it’s important to enjoy the entire drink in one sitting rather than sip on it throughout the day.

As your child gets older, their interest might be peaked by sodas and energy drinks. Sodas can be enjoyed in small quantities and on special occasions, but their sugars lead to tooth decay, so it’s best not to drink them throughout the day. In our dentists’ opinion, energy drinks should be avoided entirely. They are not healthy for children to drink.

The Dangers of Grazing
When it comes to food and snacking routines, the most important thing to avoid is grazing. When you graze and eat snacks constantly throughout the day, your teeth are consistently exposed sugars and carbohydrates that lead to tooth decay. On the other hand, by snacking at limited times, you limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to foods that lead to decay. 

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