Questions About Your First Dental Visit?
We've got you covered.

Since dental problems often start early, we recommend your child’s first dental visit take place around one year of age.* this is an ideal time for our doctors to carefully examine the development of your child’s mouth. We can help you guard against problems like baby bottle tooth decay, teething irritations, and prolonged thumb-sucking.

*Unless, of course, there are issues (e.g., pain or tooth decay) before then.

Our goal for the first visit is to establish a warm connection with your child and to help relieve any fears your child may have. We understand that your child may be anxious and our staff will help your child every step of the way. We encourage you to talk to your child in a positive way about what to expect and to build excitement about coming to the dentist.

On the first visit, we like to take x-rays to check for decay and also to check the developing teeth. We also clean your child’s teeth and apply a fluoride application. This is done by our trained clinical staff. Then one of our doctors will come and do an exam to check your child. Appointments for young children should always be scheduled earlier in the day when your child is alert and fresh. For a first visit, children must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.