Camp Braces: What to Pack for Your Child in Ortho

Summer is here, and our kids are headed to camp! There are always so many things to think of as you get your kids prepared for a week away, and we know it can be overwhelming. We want to make sure your children’s smiles are still cared for while they are out having fun – especially your kids with braces! Here is a foolproof list of items your children might need while they are away.

What Every Child Needs

These are your no-brainer dental hygiene products: a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. You likely won’t forget these staples, but we want to make sure they are on your list.

Kids That Recently Got Their Braces Off

If your child recently had their braces removed, you want to make sure they maintain the progress they’ve worked so hard on. Make sure they pack and wear their retainers, and don’t forget to pack their retainer cases. Every year we hear horror stories of camp counselors digging through the trash at lunch to find a rogue retainer that was accidentally thrown away. Pack a retainer case to ensure this won’t happen to your child!

Kids with Braces

Admittedly, the packing list for children with braces is substantially longer than for those without braces, but we want to ensure that you have all of your bases covered. You’re spending a lot of money to enrich their smiles, and we don’t want a week of camp to set them back. We also know that braces can be uncomfortable, and we would hate for braces-related discomfort to ruin a potential highlight of their summer.

The first braces necessity is wax. Whether your child recently got their braces or they’ve had them for a year, wax might come in handy. While it can help ease the discomfort of new braces, it can also help with an extra-long wire or a recent adjustment.

We also encourage you to pack nail clippers and tweezers to help with wire-related discomfort. When their teeth begin to move and correct from an adjustment, your child might notices wires protruding farther into their mouth and poking their cheeks or gums. You can easily use tweezers to bend the wire into a more comfortable position or use nail clippers to trim the excess wire. You’ll want to make sure these tools are packed in case this happens while your kid is at camp!

Many kids misplace smaller items while they are at camp, so you’ll want to pack an extra packet of rubber bands for them. Again, you don’t want one week at camp to set them back on their braces journey.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to pack them floss picks and proxabrushes to get where their toothbrush can’t. Some numbers suggest that you miss 40% of your mouth by brushing without flossing. Make sure your child is cleaning their entire smile by sending them with all of the tools they need!