Earth Day – Helping To Make The Earth A Better Place

Happy Earth Day!  Since 1970, people have been coming together across the globe to celebrate Earth Day on April 22.  Now, 193 are officially participating in events and initiatives organized and coordinated by 

We want to take this Earth Day as an opportunity to highlight a few things we are doing with our partners to make the earth a better place and encourage you to do the same!

At PDAO, we are always looking for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint and operate more sustainably.  One way that we do this is by prioritizing recycling.  Every cardboard box we receive is broken down and taken to Fayetteville’s recycling facility.  With the size of our practice, you can imagine how much cardboard we are dealing with every month!

We also partner with Crest Oral-B, and we only carry their products in our offices.  Through Crest Oral-B, all of the packaging we send home with you is sustainable!  The bags that your toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss come in are recyclable.

Because of our partnership with Crest Oral-B, we’ve been exposed to Procter and Gamble’s Ambition 2030 program.  P&G is Crest Oral-B’s parent company, and it is setting goals for a more sustainable, healthy future!

P&G has set goals to lower their waste and get as close as possible to being carbon-neutral.  Part of this initiative was rolling out a marvelous recycling program for items that you cannot commonly recycle.  

Through the website, you can print off a free shipping label and send all of your used toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads, floss, floss picks, floss packaging, and toothpaste tubes to Crest Oral-B to be recycled!  The process is free, and the products you send don’t even have to be from Crest Oral-B; they can be any brand!

We encourage you to start sending your used and empty dental hygiene products in for recycling.  How are you recycling and celebrating Earth Day in your home?