Emergency Dental

Every year as temperatures rise and the weather gets nicer, we see a significant increase in mouth and face injuries from our patients. Kids get more active outside, and they start playing outdoor sports again, and accidents will inevitably happen. Whether it’s a busted tooth from a fall at the pool, a crash on the bike, or a grounder to the mouth, we are here to help!

If the incident occurs during our regular operating hours, give us a call, and we’ll schedule an appointment to get your child the medical attention they need. If your child’s accident happens after hours or during the weekend, we will do our best to help you.

We keep a dentist on call at all times, and we have someone ready to take your emergency calls and texts as well. If you think your child might need emergency dental attention, please contact us at (479)582-0600, and we will guide you through the following steps.

Our response and plan of action are typically dependent on the extent of the injury and other relevant circumstances. If your child has chipped or broken a tooth, we will try to bring them in ASAP if they have exposed nerves. This can be extremely painful for your child, and it risks infection if it is not addressed promptly. If the tooth does not have exposed nerves, we will generally try to schedule an appointment during operating hours and encourage you to keep your child on light pain killers until we can see them.

If your child has one of their adult teeth knocked out, we must see them ASAP. It is imperative that you find the tooth and put it back in its place as quickly as possible to save the tooth. If this isn’t done, it is unlikely that we will be able to fix it.

For issues regarding swelling, we will usually try and schedule an appointment during regular office hours. If the swelling is kept to the gum area, it is likely a cavity or piece of food that is stuck. If the swelling increases to the face, cheeks, or eyes, it becomes more critical that we see your child immediately. This could be a more significant infection that needs to be addressed.

Emergencies happen, and they don’t have to be the end of the world. We are always prepared to help keep your child safe and healthy, and we hope you will contact us next time an incident occurs.