General Dentist Insurance Benefits

This week, we’re going to be telling you how you can get the most out of your dental benefits if you have Delta Dental Smiles, MCNA, or ARKids. We want to make sure you understand how your insurance works when you visit us at PDAO. 

First things first, we accept all these insurances and are considered in network with every one of them. That means whether you’re with ARKids, Delta Dental Smiles, or MCNA, all the benefits and resources you get are identical because they’re considered the same at the state level. No need to stress about whether your insurance will be accepted because PDAO has got you covered!

Now, let’s talk about new insurance cards. First, when you receive your card, it’ll state which insurance company you’ve been assigned to, and your whole family should be in the same group. If for some reason someone in your family is on a different plan, PDAO will still file for you. Just a quick call to the insurance company can get everyone under the same plan, but rest assured, your benefits won’t change.

Second, on your new insurance card, there will be an assigned dentist. But, it’s not like a primary care provider in the healthcare world that you have to stick to. You’re free to choose any dentist within the network, the name listed is simply a way to help you find a dentist. So, if you’re not seeing a PDAO dentist listed on your card, no worries, you can still book an appointment and you don’t even have to call your insurance to have it changed on your card. If you do happen to want your dentist assignment changed, just give the number on the back of your card a call, and they’ll sort it out. 

Third, all your copays still apply as they did before. So, for most visits, you’ll have the same copay due on the date of service. Dental insurance can be a headache to navigate, but the team at PDAO is here to help. Just give us a call at 479-582-0600 and we’ll answer all your questions!

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