Introducing the Tooth Fairy to Your Kids!

Happy National Tooth Fairy Day! In honor of the bi-annual holiday, we want to give you a few ideas on introducing your child to the Tooth Fairy. Whether you want to stick with tradition or incorporate fun books, toys, and gadgets, we have an idea that’s right for you!

Keeping with Tradition

Whether your family sticks with tradition or merely wants to keep it simple, it’s always fun to surprise your child with their first visit from the Tooth Fairy. In this case, parents hold off on introducing their child to the Tooth Fairy until they lose their first tooth. Losing their first tooth can be intimidating for a child, but learning about the Tooth Fairy can make it a fun and exciting experience. 


If you’re familiar with PDAO, you probably know that we LOVE our books about the Tooth Fairy! We have several books to recommend, starting with the Adventures of Brushalot. You can purchase their Tooth Fairy Kit, which comes with the book, a stuffed animal, and a tooth-shaped nightlight for your child to turn on when they’ve lost a tooth. For more information about the Adventures of Brushalot, check out our interview with Regan Watts, co-author and co-creator of Brushalot.  

We also recommend Where, Oh Where Did the Tooth Fairy Go?, written by Rachel Grider. Rachel is a dental hygienist and author who is passionate about helping children understand the importance of proper dental hygiene. Rachel recently joined Amy on Facebook Live, which you can check out here

Next, we recommend How to Catch the Tooth Fairy, by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton. This book is a very fun idea for what to do if your child is trying to catch the Tooth Fairy while they are sleeping!

Last but not least, we have Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO, by Tamara Pizzoli, Federico Fabiani. In this book, Tellulah wants to become the president of all the tooth fairies so that she can handle all the money, and it is very funny!

Toys and Gadgets

Some of our favorite Tooth Fairy accessories are tooth pillows. These pillows have pockets to slide the tooth into, making it easy to find for the Tooth Fairy. We also love the Toothless Monster, which tells the story of losing teeth. Basically, every time your child loses a tooth, the monster gains a tooth. The toy includes everything necessary to teach your child about how they’re going to lose their teeth.

If you want to get creative with what the Tooth Fairy leaves your child, we recommend experimenting with tokens, tooth receipts, and certificates and letters from the Tooth Fairy.

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