Introducing Your Child to the Dentist

Do you have a child who is nervous, shy, or even afraid to visit the dentist? This is completely normal! There are loud noises, new smells, and a stranger is sitting closer to them than usual. 

Even with these obstacles, the team at Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics wants every visit to be a positive one. 

The dentists and hygienists at PDAO understand that a child may have anxiety because of the unknown, or may have even had an unpleasant experience in the past that is making a new visit feel daunting. With over 20 years of experience, they have been able to compile a comprehensive database of toys, activities, and books they believe will make a first visit or a return trip to the dentist an enjoyable one for the child and successful for everyone involved. Today, they are sharing some of these items along with links to purchase them online to prepare for the next trip to the dentist.

Melissa and Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit Play Set 

Melissa and Doug set themselves apart from other toy manufacturers because they focus on lower-tech toys that encourage children to use their imagination and curiosity during play. This dentist kit is no different. It comes with realistic dental essentials, including prophy paste, instruments, charts, and even orthodontic items like braces. This set will help children to model what to expect during their appointment.

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Barbie Dentist Doll and Playset

Barbie has been empowering children for decades. Their new You Can Be Anything series continues this initiative by showcasing different careers and showing girls and boys that they can dream big and work hard to be anything they want. This dentist set includes a Barbie doll and a child patient doll, along with a chair, computer, and realistic tools to encourage pretend play as a child prepares for their next dentist visit.

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Play-Doh Drill ‘n Fill Dentist

Play-Doh has been encouraging kids to embrace their creativity with over 2 billion cans sold of their kid-friendly modeling clay. This dentist set comes with a realistic model and molding trays where kids can explore some of the more surgical aspects of dentistry like filling cavities and extracting teeth. This playset will help children prepare for those more nerves-inducing appointments and see how their dentist is helping them keep their smile happy and healthy.

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Dentist Books Kids Will Love

The Berenstain Bears – Visit the Dentist

Buy It on Amazon | Watch the Read-Aloud on Youtube | Watch the PBS TV Show Episode

Daniel Tiger Goes to the Dentist (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)

Buy It on Amazon | Watch the Read-Aloud on Youtube | Watch the PBS TV Show Episode

Curious George Visits the Dentist

Buy It on Amazon | Watch the Read-Aloud on Youtube | Watch the PBS TV Show Partial Episode

If the Dentist Were an Animal

Buy It on Amazon | Watch the Read-Aloud on Youtube

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