Keeping Healthy Teeth During Halloween

Happy Halloween! We know this holiday is a favorite for both kids and families, and we’re here to bring you a few tips to make sure you’re keeping your family’s smiles happy and healthy this Halloween. 

Every October, we field questions from parents about how to handle their child’s candy consumption. What types of candy should my child be eating? What candy is the healthiest to give out? How much candy should they eat? Should I let my child have candy at all? There are a plethora of questions that come along with this, and we want to make sure that the top priority is for children to have fun and stay safe. 

As parents, we know that children having a load of candy is not always a fun thing. Of course, they’re having fun, but the high sugar intake can hype them up and leave you to deal with the fallout of an intense sugar rush. Today, we’ve got a few tips to help keep your child’s candy intake under control and help their overall oral healthcare. 

Limit Sugar Intake

When deciding how to handle your child’s Halloween candy, the most important principle to consider is moderation. As we regularly say, candy isn’t evil! We want children to have fun and enjoy Halloween, and we know candy is a big part of that. We recommend taking your child’s Halloween haul and splitting it into categories for different types of consumption. You might set aside the candy that would be a good addition to your child’s school lunch while also adding higher-risk candies, such as sticky and gummy candies, to their own group. Organizing the candy into different categories can be extremely helpful when trying to regulate your child’s sugar consumption. 

Brush and Floss

This Halloween, we want to emphasize the importance of your brushing and flossing habits! If you’ve been around PDAO for a while, you likely know that we recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily, which is as critical now as ever. Sticky candies like gummies, fruit roll-ups, skittles, licorice, etc. will stick to the surface of your teeth for hours, feeding the bacteria that cause tooth decay, but you can mitigate this by sticking with your regular brushing and flossing routine.

Candy Alternatives

Some parents aren’t interested in handing out sugary candies this Halloween, and we are here to provide a few healthier alternatives. The most obvious alternative to traditional candies is sugar-free candies, which is always a great option if you want to stick with a sweet treat but are looking for a healthier choice. We also recommend apples, as the fruit is healthier than candy and cleans your teeth as you eat it. Lastly, we know a few families that give out toothbrushes at Halloween, which we obviously LOVE! 

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