National Child Abuse Prevention Month with the Children’s Safety Center

Recently, Amy Morgan sat down with two special guests from the Children’s Safety Center of Washington County, Emily Rappe’ Fisher and Sydney Bright! They shared some incredible insights about the essential work the center does and all the events planned for April in support of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The Children’s Safety Center is place where kids who have experienced immediate child abuse come to receive initial services. This is incredibly crucial because it ensures that the children are interviewed in a safe and supportive environment, receive the necessary medical exams, and have access to mental health therapy. The center focuses on providing a holistic healing experience for the child and their family.

With April being National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Children’s Safety Center has a bunch of things lined up to raise awareness and support their cause. They’re first initiative is called “Pinwheels for Prevention” where they place signs and pinwheels all over Washington County to raise awareness about their hotline number and the vital message to report child abuse if suspected. They’re calling on local businesses, organizations, and individuals to join in the cause by putting up signs and pinwheels at high-traffic areas throughout the county. Purchase your own pinwheel here!

They’re also launching a fundraiser event, an evening of wine tasting at Urban Cellar Winery in Fayetteville from 4 to 6 PM on April 4, featuring their very own wine! A sauvignon blanc with a label featuring handprints and a story about how the purchase of this wine helps support the Children’s Safety Center and the kids they serve.

Another great event is Wear Blue Day on April 5th. It’s an opportunity for everyone to show their support by wearing blue, which is the color for child abuse prevention and awareness. You can even get cool merch from their website here to rock the blue and show your solidarity! Furthermore, on April 16, they’re having an open house at their beautiful new building on Jean George Boulevard in Springdale where everyone can drop in and experience a walkthrough of the new facility, and learn about how they can help. For more about the open house, click here!

The Children’s Safety Center is also hosting its first open-to-the-community prevention training on April 23, where people can learn about ways to prevent child abuse and be more aware of the signs. Additionally throughout the month of April, the center is partnering with local businesses for “Shop Small, Help Kids” where you can check their calendar and see how local businesses are collaborating to support the cause, including special items and percentage of sales benefiting the Children’s Safety Center.

Lastly, Emily and Sydney also shared an amazing and simple idea on how parents can involve their kids in raising awareness without it being too heavy of a subject, and suggested talking to kids about body safety and the correct names for body parts from an early age. Plus, getting kids involved in activities like putting up pinwheels, checking their needs list or touring the facility to understand the impact of their involvement. Learn more about how you can be involved here!

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