Orthodontics for Adults with Bryan Fittin

Did you know that our orthodontists provide services for adults?  While we are a pediatric dental practice and most orthodontic practice is with teens and pre-teens, we do work with several parents of children within our practice.  We love to meet you where you’re at and make things as easy as possible for you!  If you are already coming by for your child’s appointment, why not streamline things and set your appointment up for the same trip?

On this week’s Facebook Live, Amy Morgan talked with Bryan Fittin, a parent taking advantage of these offerings!  Bryan and his family have been coming to our practice for years, and he even found himself jealous of the dentist’s office experience that his kids were getting.

Bryan had braces in his youth, but he didn’t keep up with his retainer afterward.  Over time, his smile started to revert back to his pre-braces days.  During one of his kids’ appointments, Bryan mentioned this to Dr. Jason, and they started a conversation about what a solution would look like.

Wanting to avoid brackets and traditional braces, Bryan was hesitant, but Dr. Jason set the record straight.  We can take scans of your teeth and work with Invisalign retainers to get your smile back to tip-top shape.  

Gone are the days of taking molds with goop that doesn’t taste quite right!  We take scans of your mouth here at the office and ensure a 24-hour turnaround time to get you going on your Invisalign journey.

Bryan found that the rest of the process with Invisalign was rather simple as well.  He wears them roughly 22 hours a day, taking them out solely to clean his retainers, drink coffee, and eat.  Plus, the retainers are tough to spot.  He’s been using Invisalign for over a year, and some of his friends are just now finding out!

As far as the experience of being an adult patient at PDAO, Bryan only had good things to say.  We’ve fashioned our Fayetteville location so that the orthodontic department is mostly separate from the dentistry section.  It has fewer pediatric themes and is much more approachable for both teens and adults.  

We like to make sure that our adult patients get the VIP treatment!  From the orthodontic department, you’ll have no idea that the other half of the business is built for children.

Ask us about adult orthodontics next time you’re in the office!