Patient Experience Spotlight with Alex Fittin

In the latest installment in her series of interviews with PDAO moms, Amy Morgan sat down with Alex Fittin to talk about Alex’s experience bringing her children to PDAO. The Fittin’s three youngest children—two seven-year-olds and an eight-year-old—have been patients at PDAO for several years, and we feel so grateful to be part of their dental journey.

Every family’s experience with the dentist is different, but for many parents, taking their children to the dentist can be a bit stressful. On top of thinking about their child’s oral health, they’re also worried about their child cooperating in an environment they might not be used to and could find overstimulating. At PDAO, we know every child has unique needs, and we are here to meet those needs and ensure that every child has a positive experience with the dentist.

For Alex, watching our hygienists and dentists adapt their approach and treatment for the needs of each of her children has been relieving. Whether it’s utilizing quiet rooms for a child who is sensory sensitive and tends to get over-stimulated or a dentist who has completed training to work with children who have experienced trauma, Alex trusts that PDAO is prepared to provide a positive experience for her children. 

We work hard to ensure that visits to PDAO aren’t merely a bearable experience for children and parents—we want visits to be something to look forward to. According to Alex, she has a hard time getting her kids to leave the office when they visit. They love to take advantage of all of the kid-friendly fun in the waiting room, including movies, video games, and other fun activities, and they’re even bummed when their appointments are over. 

We love the Fittins and are so thankful that Alex took the time to sit down with Amy to talk about her experience with PDAO. If you are a nervous parent and are anxious about bringing your child to the dentist, we hope you will give us a call and schedule an appointment. We are dedicated to providing a positive experience for every parent and child who visits our office.

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