PDAO Spotlight with Andrea Malcolm

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Amy Morgan recently sat down with Andrea Malcolm, a PDAO mom and patient, who shared her personal journey with motherhood and orthodontics. Andrea provided insight into the unique challenges and triumphs of managing oral health care for both herself and her children within the same trusted practice.

At PDAO, Andrea’s family has found comprehensive care that adjusts to their lifestyles and personal needs. While her three children have gone through or are currently undergoing orthodontic treatments with Dr. Jason, Andrea herself decided to embrace orthodontic care as an adult. This decision was spurred by her desire to take charge of her oral health and improve her self-confidence!

Amy and Andrea’s conversation highlights the supportive environment at PDAO, not just in providing top-tier orthodontic services, but also in ensuring that appointments are family-friendly and synchronous when possible. Moreover, they discussed the logistical benefits of having dental and orthodontic services under one roof. This setup offers convenience for busy families who can have their appointments stacked, reducing multiple visits, which is a testament to the empathetic and personalized care provided by PDAO’s staff, who remember individual patient details, contributing to a more personal and comforting healthcare experience!

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