PDAO Team Talk with Dr. Jason

In another installment of PDAO Team Talk, Amy Morgan is joined by Dr. Jason, one of our amazing orthodontists, who shares a little bit about himself and highlights the fun side of orthodontics!

About Dr. Jason

Dr. Jason and his family moved back to Northwest Arkansas in 2004 because they love everything about it! Dr. Jason’s son, Davidson, and daughter, Lily, attend Fayetteville High School, and he and his wife, Laura, spend most of their time partaking in activities that involve their kids whether it be tennis matches or weekend activities. 

When Dr. Jason isn’t working on teeth, he enjoys anything outdoors including running, backpacking, golfing, camping, fly fishing, Razorback sporting events, and more. In fact, just this year, Dr. Jason accomplished the Rim2Rim2Rim challenge across the Grand Canyon which took him from the south rim to the north rim and then back to the south rim. With just a running vest, water bottles, and burritos, Dr. Jason ran forty seven miles total, taking him about seventeen hours to complete. This incredible feat is a testament to Dr. Jason’s can-do attitude and his ability to conquer challenging things. Dr. Jason’s belief in tackling goals is reflected in how he always shows up for the PDAO staff!

After growing up in a family consisting of surgeons and eye doctors, Dr. Jason was subject to medicine from an early age, which ingrained in him a passion to care for others. As a result, Dr. Jason joined PDAO in 2009 with the goal of providing optimal and collaborative dental care to the kids of Northwest Arkansas. Typically, pediatric dentists see patients at age one or two, and orthodontists see patients around seven or eight. But there’s a lot of things that can be caught early that prevent bigger issues as the child gets older.

As an orthodontist, Dr. Jason loves having the capability to take care of people’s smiles and make a positive impact in kid’s lives. When you go to a job interview or you’re meeting someone for the first time, the first thing people see is your smile. So Dr. Jason loves being able to set kids up for success with healthy smiles and give them the confidence of having beautiful teeth! 

About Orthodontics

Sometimes orthodontics can be perceived as something that’s going to be difficult or expensive and not very aesthetic, which leads to a lot of concerns and questions. However, with time and research, orthodontics has changed to offer flexible financial options and now has options for more aesthetic materials like clear brackets or Invisalign. 

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends seeing children at age seven, but that doesn’t mean that if you have concerns about your child’s smile when they are five or six that you can’t schedule a complimentary consultation with us to evaluate if they need some early intervention!

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