PDAO Team Talk with Dr. Jonathan

In our most recent installment of PDAO Team Talk, Amy Morgan sat down with Dr. Jonathan Billings, the newest member of the PDAO family. Dr. Jon shared his personal journey and his aspirations as a pediatric dentist, shedding light on the importance of creating a warm and welcoming experience for young patients!

Dr. Jon’s journey into pediatric dentistry began with a childhood experience at his own dentist’s office. He recounts how his dentist, through a calm and collected approach, instilled confidence in him, transforming his anxious feelings into a positive and enjoyable experience. This early encounter fueled Dr. Jon’s passion for dentistry, leading him to pursue a career where he could make a difference in children’s lives.

Moreover, Dr. Jon emphasized the significance of instilling a love for dental care in children! He expressed his desire for every child to feel calm, comfortable, and excited about visiting the dentist, encouraging parents to share these sentiments with others. Amy and Dr. Jon also touched upon the impact of effective communication in pediatric dentistry. They spoke about the value of educating both children and parents about proper oral health care practices, aiming to alleviate fears and create a supportive environment. 

Moving beyond his journey to become a dentist, Dr. Jon also talked about his personal life, discussing his family—his wife, Tess, and their fourteen month old daughter, Abigail—and their recent move to Northwest Arkansas and about how he is excited to create a positive impact in the community and build lasting relationships with patients and their families! 

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