PDAO Team Talk with Kirsten

Are you ready for another PDAO Team Talk? Today we’re thrilled to introduce you to another member of our PDAO family, Kirsten, who is an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) at our Fayetteville location and has a background in child development. Kirsten shares the realities of dental anxiety and how her playful antics, including singing along to movies or being extra communicative about procedures, help ease the fears of young patients and make visits memorable and enjoyable.

Kirsten’s approach to pediatric dentistry is infused with her personal mantra – being goofy is the key to a successful visit! She’s all about helping kiddos feel comfortable and has a knack for turning a dental chair into a giggle fest. Kirsten always works to further PDAO’s larger mission of making dental care less intimidating and more inviting for children while ensuring personalized care and excellent communication remains top priority.

Outside of work, Kirsten fosters 23 pets, and she shares a special bond with Tina, her charismatic Chihuahua-pitbull mix! Kirsten loves to explore all the hidden gems in Northwest Arkansas, and unwinds by watching her favorite TV show, Bob’s Burgers

The one thing Kirsten wants every parent to know about PDAO is that behind the cavity fillings and the fluoride treatments, each kid is more than just a chart. They’re a story and an experience that’s treasured! Whether it’s singing along to a favorite movie or holding a hand just a little tighter, Kirsten and the whole PDAO team go above and beyond to ensure every child feels safe, heard, and most importantly, happy to come back.

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