Smile Study Discussions with Dr. Jason

This week, we sat down with Dr. Jason Landers to discuss a case study that demonstrates the transformative impact of early orthodontic intervention! 

The case begins with Ruby, a seven-year-old patient who visited the pediatric side of our clinic for a routine dental cleaning. However, during the visit, Dr. Will noticed something unusual in her oral examination and decided further investigation was necessary.

On closer inspection using X-rays, the team discovered that Ruby had an odontogenic keratocyst, a benign but potentially problematic cyst that impacted the positioning of her permanent teeth. Recognizing that the cyst could severely affect Ruby’s smile and dental health, Dr. Jason recommended an early phase of orthodontic treatment. 

The primary goal was to address the misalignment caused by the cyst and create sufficient space for Ruby’s emerging permanent teeth. Early intervention can drastically improve the outcome and prevent the need for more extensive treatments later on. By the end of the first phase of treatment, Ruby’s teeth were better aligned, giving her more confidence in her smile. 

Ruby then underwent a second phase of orthodontic treatment to ensure all her permanent teeth were perfectly aligned. The result was a beautifully broad smile that Ruby could be proud of! Ruby’s case exemplifies the importance of early orthodontic intervention and how timely care can address complex dental issues effectively. The comprehensive treatment plan not only corrected Ruby’s dental alignment but also boosted her confidence!

If you’re interested in learning more about orthodontic options for your child or have any specific questions about this case, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help your child achieve their perfect smile!

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