Smiles Are Wild Book Club – Featuring Rachel Grider

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Smiles Are Wild Book Club! We hope our book club will encourage parents and children to read books of all kinds, but we are focusing on dental health this month, as it is National Children’s Dental Health Month. To celebrate the book club launch, Amy jumped on a Facebook Live with Rachel Grider, a registered dental hygienist who has written three amazing children’s books that focus on dental health and education.

Rachel comes from a long line of dentists and hygienists and has always been passionate about dental health. Coincidentally, she has also long been passionate about writing stories. After graduating in 2013, Rachel published her first book, which wasn’t dental-related. While speaking at schools and other promotional events for her book, Rachel realized the impact she could have on children. By combining her two passions, she was able to make an impact on kids and promote oral health in her new line of dental-related books: The Smile Series.

In the first book of the series, If the Dentist Were an Animal, Rachel sought to introduce the dentist to young children. Because some kids fear trips to the dentist, Rachel used animals to portray dentists in a silly and inviting way that encourages kids to be imaginative and enjoy their dental visits. 

Where, Oh Where Did the Tooth Fairy Go? is the second book in Rachel’s series. In this book, Rachel introduces the Tooth Fairy and teaches the reason behind missed visits. As a  parent, you might be familiar with waking up and realizing that the Tooth Fairy forgot to visit your child the night before, but Rachel has your back. Teeth that are not clean are heavier with plaque, sugar bugs, and leftover food. This added weight can slow down the Tooth Fairy, forcing her to return home to unload her bag and start over. By maintaining good oral hygiene, children can help the Tooth Fairy make it to all the homes on her list. 

In Five Little Sugar Bugs, the third book in the series, Rachel uses sugar bugs—Razzle, Bubba, Rolo, Taffy, and Kit—to teach children where bacteria like to hide on their teeth and how to get rid of them.  

If you want to participate in the Smiles Are Wild Book Club this month, you can purchase The Smile Series on Amazon. We are also giving away a copy of the series to a lucky winner. For more information on this giveaway, check out our posts on Instagram and Facebook.

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