The Adventures of Brushalot

Here at PDAO, we know it can be challenging to convince your kids that taking care of their smiles is essential. So we are constantly looking for new ways to make dental health more fun and engaging, and today we want to share one of our new favorites: the Adventures of Brushalot.  

Regan Watts, the creator of the Adventures of Brushalot, understands that a good story is often all that it takes to motivate children to take proper care of their smiles. He riffed off of a classic medieval tale that features Camelot, King Arthur, and Lancelot for this dental hygiene-focused fairytale.  

The Adventures of Brushalot tells the tale of the land of Brushalot, where the Tooth Fairy lives with her family in the Pearly White City. Her brother Sir Brushalot and his horse Incisor partner with General Floss and the Knights of Floss to protect the walls of the Pearly White City. Every day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Prince Plaque and the Tartar Troopers depart from the Cavity Castle to attack the Pearly White City.  

The story also explains why the Tooth Fairy comes to take lost teeth. When a child loses a baby tooth, the Tooth Fairy picks it up to take it back to the Tooth Making Workshop, where the workers turn baby teeth into the adult teeth that come in as your child grows up.  

Our favorite part of the book set is its inclusive characters. For example, Sir Brushalot is a bi-racial boy, and General Floss is a Black girl. The story also features characters that are physically impaired. Regan made it clear that one of his top priorities was ensuring that the book was for every child, no matter what they look like or where they live.

The book is sold as part of a boxset that includes a plush version of Incisor – Sir Brushalot’s trusty steed, a tooth-shaped nightlight, and workbook pages that promote a healthy smile.

When children lose a tooth, the boxset instructs them to place it in Incisor’s pocket and put the horse at the foot of their bed. They also change the nightlight from yellow to blue to alert the Tooth Fairy that they have a tooth for her.

We love the Adventures of Brushalot, and we think that its resources will do wonders for your family as you teach your children about oral hygiene.  CLICK HERE to purchase the Adventures of Brushalot for your family!