Tips & Tricks for Special Needs Patients for Taking Care of Their Teeth

Here at PDAO, we take care of all kids. No matter where a child is coming from or how special their needs, we believe everyone deserves to have a great experience at the dentist. Today, we’re going to give you a few tips for keeping your special needs child’s smile healthy and happy.

First and foremost, we encourage you to stay consistent and not give up on your child’s oral health. We recommend every child brushes their teeth twice and flosses daily. We know this can feel defeating and like an uphill battle, but we hope you’ll stick with it and use us as a resource! If you need extra help with oral health at home, we offer tools in our office to help with that, such as a mouth prop.

Some special needs patients at our practice are fed by a G-Tube, and we’ve seen a few misconceptions about this. We want to clarify that people with G-Tubes should follow our normal brushing and flossing schedule, as bacteria is produced even if they don’t consume food through their mouth.

Along with encouraging you to stay consistent with at-home oral health practices, we recommend continuing with your child’s regular appointment schedule. These appointments are essential to their oral health, and we take extra care when scheduling them, so they can occasionally be difficult to reschedule. We know that keeping appointments is not always easy depending on the type of day your child is having—if something comes up, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!

We work as a team with you and your child, and we want you to know we have everything we need to take care of your child. We offer weighted blankets, and our hygienists are highly trained to treat special needs patients. Please don’t put pressure on yourself to worry about your child’s behavior or cooperation—we want to take care of them regardless. 

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