Travel Kit for Orthodontics

Having a child in braces or any other orthodontic appliance comes with a lot of responsibility for both the parent and child. They will not always be in your eyesight, so it’s essential to ensure they have all the necessary tools to keep up with their braces when they travel. We’ve created the perfect orthodontic travel box for your child to keep in their locker, backpack, or purse so that they’ll be equipped to handle any minor issues with their orthodontic appliance.

So, what’s in the orthodontic travel box? Let’s start with the box itself. We’ve found that travel soap boxes work perfectly. They’re easy to find in the travel section at your local retail store, and they can hold everything you need while maintaining a low profile. 

As far as the box’s contents, rubber bands are essential. If your child has been instructed to wear rubber bands, you’ll want to make sure they have an extra package inside their box in case they need to replace one. Another essential is wax. If you only have one wax pack, let us know, and we’ll provide an extra for their travel kit! If your child has a broken bracket or a poking wire, wax is their one-stop shop for instant comfort.

We also encourage you to pack a travel-size bottle of a light painkiller. Whether you favor Advil, Ibuprofen, or Tylenol, a pain killer is a must-have for any orthodontic travel kit. Next, consider packing a pair of tweezers. These are perfect for putting wires back in place or moving things around in small spaces. You’ll want to ensure they have tweezers on hand to allow them to hold onto their wires or move them around for comfort.

One item you might not expect us to recommend is fingernail clippers. They allow your child to clip any poking wires that might bother them, and they’re always handy in a pinch. We recommend baby fingernail clippers, but the regular small-size clippers also work. If your child needs to clip a wire, contact your orthodontist to make a follow-up appointment as soon as possible.

Lastly, we recommend packing floss picks and travel brushes in their kit. Any brand of floss picks will work, but they must be designed for children with braces. These interproximal brushes are perfect for every travel kit. They are small, reusable, and great for cleaning between brackets. 

Creating an orthodontic travel kit might seem a bit over the top, but it can save the day when your child is at school or camp and can’t see their orthodontist in a timely manner. 

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